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Production of natural sunflower oil and high- protein sunflower meal

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Our oil extracting factory Potoki is dealing with the manufacturing of two basic types of output products:

Our oil extracting factory Potoki is dealing with the manufacturing of two basic types of output products:

We have reached a high level of production with modern equipment and latest technologies of low-temperature extraction. Sunflower seeds undergo maximum pressing and our oil turns to be extremely concentrated. The innovational equipment makes it possible to produce unique high protein sunflower meal which has no analogues in the world in its chemical composition.

Purchasing the best oil plants

We manufacture our products from oil plant seeds (sunflower, soya) with high fat content. All raw materials are thoroughly inspected in our own laboratory of incoming control and we process the best species only.

We manufacture sunflower oil

Sunflower oil produced by us has a high fat content. It has a strong smell of fresh sunflower kernels and a pleasant natural taste.
The product contains fully preserved:
vitamin EЕ
unsaturated fatty acids called vitamin F F
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High-protein sunflower meal

The technologies of our factory make it possible to produce unique high protein sunflower meal. It is similar to soya meal in its composition and contains up to 46% of protein. It comprises a high concentration of amino acids, and methionine in particular which is favourable for raising young livestock, poultry and fish.
The composition of high protein unique meal:
46% - protein
2% - fat
8% - moisture
6% - fibre
Our factory also produces ordinary sunflower meal which differs in its formula from high protein one. It has a lot of nutrients necessary for pig, cattle and poultry breeding. The meal has phosphorus, vitamins B and E as well as other mineral substances.
The composition of sunflower meal:
1,5-2% - oil
39% - crude protein
23% - fibre
9-11% - moisture
High-protein meal


Sunflower phosphatide concentrate
is widely used in food industry to produce lecithin, applied in baking to improve the quality of bread. It is highly soluble in a human body, beneficial for protein-fat interaction and is a source to build organic phosphorus.
Sunflower husk pellets
Produced from grinded sunflower husk seeds via high temperature pressing and without any binding additives. The heat of combustion of husk pellets can be compared with the heat capacity of brown coal.
Technologies, equipment
The best equipment
The best equipment
We utilize the latest high-technology equipment from world famous producers. Recent technologies enable us to manufacture high-quality products completely meeting European standards
High manufacturing volume
High manufacturing volume
Our equipment is unique and has a capacity to handle different types of oil crops. The maximum capacity to process sunflower seeds is up to 1400 tons per day, soya – up to 700 tons per day
All technological processes of oil extraction and by-products are aimed at preserving the raw material primary properties: complete and balanced in caloric value and fat-acidic composition.
Quality inspection
Quality inspection
Each lot of output products is thoroughly checked to correspond to the product normative documents.
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Our team unites the best specialists in their fields who are constantly improving their knowledge and skills. We support the corporative spirit, mutual help and sharing experience in all ways. Thanks to it, our collective works smooth and effectively.

We cooperate with profile higher institutions participating in preparing a new generation of food industry engineers.


Extracting the most precious from the gifts of the sun and preserving all beneficial properties presented by nature, we produce a good-quality, ecologically pure and useful product for all who care about their health!

The quality of our work

is our flawless reputation. That’s why we have a responsible approach to all work processes with no exception: technologies and manufacturing, product presentation and cooperation with our partners.


people trust us choosing our products and in our turn, we appreciate good relations with our clients showing honesty and a decent attitude at all interaction stages.

Professional approach

to know one’s business well, to develop and realize one’s potential, to learn new things, to be open for innovations and to show initiative. These are the qualities of our employees, these are the qualities bringing us several steps ahead of others.

Team work

only a well adjusted collective is able to achieve the best result possible in work and that’s why we inspire and support the corporative spirit, mutual help and sharing experience and knowledge in all ways.

Product storage and transportation


Raw material and output products are stored in warehouses which fully meet the standards specified in normative documents. Transportation is carried out by reliable companies which follow all transportation rules. Thanks to correct storage conditions, our products always remain fresh and don’t lose their quality.

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Basic specifications of soya beans:
  • - moisture –12 %;
  • - foreign material – 2 %;
  • - oil admixtures – 6 %;
  • - infestation – none.
Basic specifications of sunflower seeds:
  • - moisture –8.0 %;
  • - foreign material – 3 %;
  • - oil content – 45 %;
  • - oil admixtures – 7 %;
  • - infestation – none.
sunflower oil hydrated class 1 meeting the requirements of DSTU 4492:2005 «Олія соняшникова»
Sunflower meal high protein toasted non-pelleted meeting the requirements of DSTU 4638:2006